Registration of foreign citizens at the place of stay in 2021

The flow of foreign citizens wishing to stay on Russian soil for some time is increasing every year. Some come to us to work, some come to stay with friends or relatives, some arrive during public events.

For every foreigner crossing the Russian border with or without a visa, registration with the migration department is a mandatory condition. It is also called temporary registration. The obligation to undergo the registration procedure at the place of residence, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of July 18, 2006 No. 109-FZ, lies with all citizens of foreign states residing permanently in Russia.

Compliance with legal requirements will allow a temporary migrant to stay in the country legally. Otherwise, a fine will be collected from him or measures such as deportation from the country with an entry ban for a period of 5 years will be applied.

Innovations in migration policy 2021

The current legislation of the Russian Federation in 2021 obliges foreign citizens who reside in the Russian Federation to register with the migration service. No later than seven days (working days) from the date of entry into the country, information must be submitted to the migration department.

Important! Citizens of states such as Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan must register for migration within a different timeframe - no later than 30 days from the date of arrival. For those arriving from Tajikistan - 15 days.

To do this you can contact:

  • Postal office;
  • Migration Service (UVM);
  • hotel administration;
  • the nearest MFC.

Previously, there was a rule according to which a foreigner was obliged to pay a state duty in the amount of 1 ruble for each day of stay in Russia, but not more than 200 rubles. Now the amount of duty is not measured by the number of days. It is 350 rubles.

Let us note that the illegal stay of foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation is punishable according to the norms of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations N 195-FZ with a fine of 2 to 5 thousand rubles with the deportation of the citizen from the country. Employment by emigrants without registration is punishable under Article 322.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Where do temporary registrations of foreign citizens take place?

Instructions for registering by mail

This method is preferred by many representatives of those organizations to which foreign citizens arrive. The personal presence of the foreign person himself is not required here. There is no need to additionally certify the tear-off spine at the migrant registration service. It is preferable to register through a post office at the place of permanent registration of the recipients.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. A representative of the party to whom the foreigner arrived comes to the post office to fill out a notification. He needs to indicate all the details on the form and give it in two copies to the postal worker.
  2. In addition to the notification, the representative must have with him his document to confirm his identity, as well as copies of the foreign citizen’s passport and his migration card.
  3. After verifying the submitted documents, the Russian Post employee puts the current date of receipt, his last name and signature in the space provided in the notification. Seals the data with the seal of the postal institution and transfers it to the person who submitted the documents.
  4. This part with postal marks is handed over to the citizen who has arrived in Russia.
  5. The post office employee sends a package of documents with one copy of the notification to the migration department.
  6. The second copy of the notice is stored at the post office, in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Registration at the place of employment

A citizen of another country may arrive on Russian territory for employment and not have registration in the residential area. An organization that is ready to provide him with work has the right to sign an employment contract with him and provide conditions so that he can live on their territory. Then the employer is obliged to carry out all measures to register the citizen.

Then, in addition to the notification, you will need to provide photocopies of the documents to the migration department:

  • passports of an employed foreigner,
  • agreement concluded with a citizen,
  • migrant cards,
  • previous registration,
  • patent and payment document.

All of the above documents are required to be provided after both parties have signed the employment contract. Submission deadline is three working days. If the order is violated, the organization will face fines of up to one million rubles. Another type of punishment is a ban on conducting activities for up to 90 days.

Hotel check-in

The administrative staff of the hotel where the foreigner is staying is his host. Therefore, they are obliged to notify the migration service about their stay (within up to two days).

When a citizen of another state is evicted from a hotel, its administration is obliged to notify the migration department of this fact before 12 o'clock on the next day after departure.

General concepts and norms

The period for which registration can be issued to a foreign citizen depends on the regime of the country in which the person permanently resides. If a person entered the country on a visa, the possible period of registration will be limited to the period of its validity. If we are talking about visiting a resident of a visa-free country, the period of stay in Russia is limited to 90 days over six months.

Registration procedure

According to the norms of Russian legislation, the receiving party must notify the migration service within 24 hours about a citizen of another country who arrived in Russia for the purpose of employment or as a tourist.

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How many foreign citizens can be registered in an apartment?

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So, the answer to the question of how many people can be registered in an apartment directly depends on several factors. The exception to the rules is always persons under the age of majority - this category of citizens is registered at the place of residence of the mother or father without the consent of other residents and owners of the premises and is not taken into account when calculating the permissible number of registered persons. In other cases, the calculation of the maximum number of residents has its own characteristics.

Step-by-step guide on registration

Filling out a unified notification form allows you to carry out the entire range of measures to collect information for the migration service. This document is drawn up by the party that receives the foreigner, and his personal presence at the department is not at all necessary. Notification is provided to the authorized structures at the place of residence of the emigrant within the prescribed period - no more than 7 working days after his arrival.

When crossing the border, a foreigner fills out a migration card in the border control zone. He must present it, along with his foreign passport, to the representative of the receiving party.

It is important to know that the law does not give the right to confiscate his passport and migration card.

If a foreigner owns residential space in Russia, he can declare it as his place of residence. Then he independently sends a notification of his arrival to the migration service or through the MFC.

A foreign citizen permanently residing in Russia can apply for registration in person, but the written consent of the receiving party will be required.

The design scheme consists of the following stages:

  1. A citizen of another country provides the receiving party with his passport and a migration card filled out when crossing the border. According to their data, a special form is filled out (form for notification of the arrival of a foreign citizen).
  2. Along with the notification, copies of the migration card and passport of a citizen of another state are sent to the migration department in person within 24 hours. You can also send a package of documents through the postal service or MFC. Post offices have established windows for issuing forms and accepting documents. Forms are issued free of charge, and for sending there is a charge for postage with notification, according to established postal rates.
  3. After accepting all documents, specialists from the UMV or the Russian Post Office enter the appropriate marks on the date of acceptance into the notification form. The detachable part of the form is handed over to the contacting representative.

  4. The counterfoil is handed over to the foreign citizen. It is kept with him for the entire period of his stay. This document will be proof of his legal presence on Russian territory.

How many people can be registered in the apartment

Today Russia is an open and hospitable country with a lot of opportunities, but temporary registration for foreign citizens is considered a bureaucratic obstacle for a large part of homeowners and visitors themselves.

How many foreign citizens can be registered in a private house

If a young family wants to move into an apartment for a long time, there is a possibility that a child will appear in it in the near future, and the law allows minor children to be registered without the consent of the apartment owner, provided that the parents are already registered in it.

  • Housing owned by a citizen is provided under an agreement that specifies the rights of third parties;
  • the premises are residential, but are in unsuitable condition;
  • housing is under arrest, pledged or is the subject of a dispute;
  • housing is not officially registered (extension to the house);
  • by a court decision, the documents for the right of occupancy were declared invalid, or the transaction by which the right of ownership, disposal or use of housing was established was declared invalid.
  • Full name, citizenship, date of birth, gender, profession;
  • details of the document certifying personal data;
  • details of the document on the right to stay (residence) in Russia;
  • date and purpose of entry;
  • migration card details;
  • expected dates and address;
  • address of the previous place (upon arrival at the new);

How to register a foreigner in your apartment?

The obligation to notify the migration control authority that a foreign citizen has arrived in Russia and subsequently requires temporary registration is fully performed by the receiving party.

  • a person travels outside the country;
  • the person died;
  • registration is issued at the new place of residence;
  • Russian citizenship was obtained;
  • there is a court decision declaring a person dead or missing.

A foreigner who is not a student or does not have an employment contract must leave the Russian Federation after three months from the date of arrival on Russian territory. In case of violation of the migration registration procedure, the culprit must be prepared for the fact that penalties will be imposed on him, moreover, he will be deported for a period of up to 5 years.

Watch the video: How to apply for temporary registration through the MFC (July 2021)

In fact, temporary registration of foreign citizens is not as dangerous as it might seem. There are myths that by registering someone else in your apartment, you can create a lot of problems for yourself in the future. However, in many ways these are just myths and so-called “horror stories”. You will not lose your property in any case.

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The visitor will need to prepare the following documents:

  • personal foreign passport;
  • migration card. If a citizen has a document for a residence permit, then you can attach it;
  • documents proving that the foreigner has his own residential premises: certificate or contract;
  • visa (for citizens from visa countries)

Copies of these documents are accepted, so you will need to make them yourself or through the receiving party.

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