Chart 1. Growth dynamics of participants and insured persons of the fund in 2005–2017. Source:
Trust in NPF. Lukoil Garant rating: profitability and reliability of the fund
Among other NPFs, the rating of Lukoil Garant deserves special attention. At the end of December 2020
Pension for self-employed citizens - how is work experience calculated?
At the beginning of 2020, a new pilot project came into force. It concerns people offering
From 2025, the minimum length of service to receive an old-age pension will be 15 years.
Availability of sick leave allows an employee to receive cash benefits for the period during which he is not
young men putting money in a piggy bank
Voluntary pension insurance - everything you need to know
Types of pension insurance Domestic pension insurance was created according to an already established model and has two
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NPF "RUSSIAN STANDARD" Extract of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with the electronic signature of the Federal Tax Service
Counterparty Name: NPF "RUSSIAN STANDARD" INN: 7825679192 OGRN: 1027809170620 Registration date: 07/24/2002 Registration
MIR pension card of Rosselkhozbank: conditions, interest in 2020
Today on the Russian market there is a huge number of non-state pension funds that deal with
Deposits for pensioners
Review of deposits in Rosselkhozbank today for pensioners
General information about the pension deposit of Rosselkhozbank The bank was formed in 2000 to provide assistance
mortgage at Rosselkhozbank for pensioners
Mortgage for pensioners at Rosselkhozbank: conditions in 2020
The financial institution RSHB is one of the largest among its kind, implementing a variety of profitable programs
Post Bank and NPF Lukoil-Garant.
Card for pensioners in Pochta Bank - profitable or not
Non-state pension funds (NPFs) operating in the Russian Federation offer their pension services
Insurance or funded pension?
Where is it better to send the funded part of the pension - to a non-state pension fund or to the Pension Fund of Russia?
All about funded pensions With this option, not being an investor, the pensioner chooses a manager