The Russian legislation regulating pension provision for citizens of the country reflects issues related to pensions for migrants in 2021. Citizens of countries that were former Soviet republics of the USSR can count on receiving a pension in the Russian Federation, subject to a number of requirements. Agreements between countries on this issue were signed back in 1992.

According to the text of this document, pension payments to citizens of the former USSR are made on the basis of the current legislation of the country of which they are citizens.

Citizens of other countries who decide to migrate to Russia for permanent residence can also become the owner of a Russian pension.

What kind of pension can migrants expect in Russia?

When moving to Russia, pensioners have the right to count on their pension benefits in the event that they become citizens of the country or receive a residence permit in it. For citizens of the former USSR there is a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship.

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According to agreements signed between states, pensioners who have moved to Russia have the right to receive a pension of the same type as they received in the country of their previous residence. Such payments are calculated in accordance with the pension legislation in force in the Russian Federation.

When immigrants receive pensions in the Russian Federation, previous payments stop. Migrants can continue to receive pensions from their former countries of residence of a type that is not provided for in Russian legislation.

Registration of Pensioners from the ATO Zone to Receive a Pension in Ukraine

The completed application must be submitted to an official at the regional headquarters for issues related to the social security of Ukrainian citizens who are moving from temporarily occupied territory and areas of the anti-terrorist operation.

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The holding of “elections” on November 2 on the territory of the “DPR” and “LPR”, not in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, only worsened the situation for residents of the temporarily occupied areas. The Ukrainian authorities warned the local population about the responsibility and consequences of participating in illegal voting. The world community does not and will not recognize the legitimacy of these “elections”; therefore, this territory will have the status of “unrecognized territory” by all countries in terms of their statehood, with all the negative consequences for its inhabitants economically and socially. Today, all such unrecognized territories have an underdeveloped economy and low incomes. In accordance with the announced results of these “elections” and “taking office,” the leadership of the “DPR” and “LPR” must assume full responsibility for paying pensions and social benefits in these territories. However, the population was once again told that “there are no funds to pay pensions and social benefits.” Before the elections on November 2, 2024. The DPR promised and partially paid social benefits to certain categories of citizens, but after the elections these payments stopped (“Social payments in the DPR”).

Which migrants can receive a pension in Russia?

Migrants with permanent residence or who have received Russian citizenship have the right to an old-age insurance pension in Russia. To do this they must have:

  1. Insurance experience of at least 7 years.
  2. Individual coefficient is not lower than 9.
  3. Age established by Russian legislation. Currently it is 55 years for women and 60 years for men.

Women with five or more children, as well as those who worked in hazardous industries, the list of which is approved by the Government of the country, can apply for a reduction in the retirement age.

Pension payments in the Russian Federation are made only to those migrants who permanently reside on the territory of the state.

In cases where pension payments are made on the basis of permanent residence, their validity period ends with the date of the foreign citizen’s stay in Russia.

Economy Pensioners from the ATO zone were threatened with deprivation of pensions

The Slavyansk Pension Fund office also confirmed to us that there were no cases where pensioners were caught in the act when receiving a double pension. “If there is a complete package of documents, we pay pensions to everyone. There is no database for exchanging information with the DPR. Therefore, it is impossible to prove that a person receives money both here and here. We have not had such cases. I think this is yet another horror story from the authorities,” a PF employee from Slavyansk told Vesti.

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“As of the end of May of this year, 575.3 thousand pensioners have already transferred pension payments from uncontrolled to territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and are receiving payments on time. However, another 169.0 thousand pensioners did not make such a decision,” says the Regional State Administration. According to the department, there are no arrears in payments.

How can a migrant apply for a pension in Russia?

The very first step when applying for a Russian pension is collecting the necessary documents. Their list is approved by a special order, which is issued by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation.

Mandatory documents for a migrant are:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or residence permit indicating the place of registration
  • application of the established form
  • insurance certificate of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
  • issuing a personal account in the OPS system.

A complete list of documents can be found on the website of government services of the Russian Federation. Documents are submitted to the territorial PF or MFC at the place of registration or actual place of residence.

You can submit documents in person, through authorized representatives or by mail. The review period established by law is 10 days. The accrual date is the day the application is submitted. You cannot submit documents earlier than one month before retirement age.

How to apply for a pension for migrants from the ATO zone in Ukraine

Re-registration of a pension without the pensioner leaving

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In March 2021, everyone who remained in the uncontrolled territories of Ukraine was finally deprived of state support. Pensions are not paid to displaced people if they do not have a current account with Oschadbank. To resume social payments of benefits and pensions, you need to start collecting certificates for a new one. A certificate of internal migrant status is added to the list of documents.

Good to know

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 8, 2016 No. 365, re-registration of a pension without the pensioner leaving the ATO zone is impossible. If you want to receive social benefits and pensions, you will have to move, fill out documentation and only then contact the social security authorities.

Thus, it will no longer be possible to live on the territory of the LPR or DPR, and at the same time receive a pension somewhere in Mariupol, as was before. Now pensions will be paid exclusively to those who left dangerous regions. Restoration of pensions for displaced persons is possible if the pensioner moves to another place of residence. There he must register as a migrant, as well as fill out all the necessary papers and open an account at Oschadbank. IDPs have no alternatives for receiving pensions.

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Registration of a pension with moving to Ukraine

Registration of a pension in Ukraine from the ATO zone requires the availability of a special certificate from a displaced person. It is issued by the social security authorities, as well as the migration service of the region where the pensioner lives at the time of registration. To obtain it you need a passport and two 3x2.5 photographs.

  1. The application, which is written according to the established template, indicates not only the first name, patronymic and last name, but also all other personal data. The personal identification number, place of residence, as well as registration, family composition, citizenship and the very contact information by which you can contact the applicant, most often a mobile phone, and less often a landline phone, are also indicated.
  2. You should describe in detail the reasons why you were resettled from the ATO zone.
  3. All available housing is indicated, which is located within Ukraine, but outside the zone of uncontrolled situations.
  4. If available, you must also indicate the actual place of work, as well as its actual duration, after the person was resettled.

A certificate confirming the status of a migrant will be issued on the same day when the pensioner submits the application. The validity period of a certificate for receiving a pension in accordance with legislative act number 1706-VII is six months. After this period, the certificate must be changed or extended. To do this, you need to contact the same regional migration center and write a corresponding application asking for an extension.

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Later, a plastic electronic certificate will be issued, which will need to be confirmed first every six months, and then only once a year. The total validity period of such an electronic ID is only three years, after which all manipulations will have to be carried out again.

What awaits in the end: restoration of pensions for displaced people

After completing the paperwork, the maximum waiting period for a response is twenty-three days. If the answer is positive, then the pension will be paid from the date specified in the application. The restoration of pension payments will cover the entire period that has passed from the moment the payment was suspended until the moment a positive response is received. All debt will be paid off and no pensioner will lose their money.

Pension payments may be denied if it is discovered that the pensioner’s actual place of residence does not coincide with what is indicated in the migrant’s certificate. Every citizen who has received a refusal can appeal to the judicial authorities, where they can challenge this decision.

Are pensions retained for Russians emigrating from the country?

Russian citizens leaving for permanent residence retain the right to receive a pension. From 2021, the procedure for obtaining it has been changed. Before leaving the country, you must decide on the form of receiving your pension and submit a corresponding application to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Now the old-age insurance pension is paid only in Russia. It can be received by authorized persons or transferred to the account of a credit institution operating in the country.

Citizens traveling outside the country can receive a pension 6 months in advance. For such advance payments they need to write an application to the Pension Fund. Every year, every citizen living outside the country must confirm the fact that he is alive to the pension fund. It can be drawn up with special papers from a notary.

The absence of such documents automatically terminates pension accruals. To resume accruals, the pensioner will have to personally contact the Pension Fund with a corresponding application.

Pensioners in the ATO zone were left without pensions

If you dig deeper, it turns out that they have prepared an almost impossible task for pensioners. At the beginning of October, ministers adopted a resolution on the registration of “displaced persons.” According to it, everyone who has moved is obliged to go first to the State Emergency Service department, and then to the social security fund. However, personal presence is not enough. We also need those local residents who will settle refugees in their homes. Homeowners in “peaceful territory” are required to have the main tenant present with statements and copies of passports of everyone registered in the apartment stating that they do not object to the fact that a displaced person from the ATO zone lives with them. The bureaucracy doesn't end there. Expect that within two weeks an authorized person from the housing office or village council will visit the address to check whether a migrant from the east of the country really lives here. But a personal visit by a specialist will not be enough: you will also need certificates from two neighbors and copies of their passports. As a “bonus” for suffering if the procedure is successful, the state undertakes to pay 884 hryvnia per month along with the pension. Even in this situation, gigantic queues have already formed in the social funds of the cities closest to the ATO zone.

— Those who want to receive pensions and social payments are required to obtain a migrant certificate before December 1. The certificate will indicate their place of residence and the address where funds will be transferred outside the ATO zone, the minister emphasized.

09 Jun 2021 uristlaw 367

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Internal resettlement

Pensions accrued within the country have regional characteristics.
They depend on the amount of additional payments made by local authorities to the basic pension amount. If you change your place of residence, your pension will be re-registered within 3 days after submitting your application to the Pension Fund. Residents of the Far North who have worked in these areas for more than 15 years and in equivalent areas for at least 20 do not lose their accruals. Such migrants retain the right to receive an increased pension.

Assignment of pensions to migrants from Donbass

In order for a migrant to receive a pension, the following must be done:

  1. Register. You can choose one of the methods, such as: personal contact with a social structure at a new address; contacting the regional headquarters that regulates resettlement issues; registration through authorized persons who visit migrants’ places of residence.
  2. Filing an application. The form should be filled out directly in one of the above structures. In addition, the applicant gives written consent to the processing and use of personal information. Passport. Along with the application, you should present a passport or other document proving the identity of the citizen.

Further actions of social protection employees:

  • Checking the facility where the migrant lives. Specialists from the relevant authorities are required to visit the site within 15 days after submitting the application. Based on the results of the inspection, inspectors are required to draw up a report, which is signed by the migrant and representatives of the commission from the social protection structure.
  • Assignment or refusal of a pension - the period for reviewing documents is 5 days after visiting the place of residence. If the decision is positive, the pension is assigned from the day the application is submitted. The pension is paid through the post office or to a bank card.
  • The main reason for refusal is the migrant’s absence at the actual address of residence at the time of verification. In this situation, as in other cases of refusal, the decision of social security employees can be appealed in court.

IDPs will now be able to receive pensions

This is a so-called illustrative case, said Daria Tolkach, advocacy coordinator for the organization Right to Defense and initiator of the trial. Similar decisions will be made regarding all such claims against the Pension Fund authorities.

At the same time, the minister promised to legally regulate the payment of pensions in the temporarily occupied regions and to pay funds for the entire time they were absent, stipulating this in the relevant government decree.

09 Jun 2021 uristlaw 1174

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Oschadbank explained why displaced people need to withdraw their pensions through the cash register

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to verify the recipients of social payments and pensions, which is launched if during the year the person did not pass identification or the operations were not carried out by him personally.

News on the topic Date of annual indexation of pensions: the Ministry of Finance shared details Oschadbank explained in which cases information about pensioners who are internally displaced persons is transmitted for verification, Donetsk News reports.

Pensioners in the “L/DPR” are concerned about the prolonged quarantine and the inability to enter the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities due to closed checkpoints. Many have expired cards and are unable to come to bank branches to identify and withdraw money.

At the same time, according to amendments to Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 1098 dated November 11, 2020, “if pension and cash assistance amounts are received using a payment card whose validity exceeds one year, and during the year no debit transactions were carried out in person on such a payment card the recipient, and the bank did not carry out physical identification of the person during the year, the authorized bank notifies the relevant body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine or the social protection body about this.”

In this regard, a temporary migrant who has an electronic pension certificate (EPU card) contacted the call center.

“We recommend withdrawing cash through the bank’s cash desk at least once during the year for an amount greater than 100 hryvnia, as well as other operations that will indicate the use of funds in your account (transfer of funds, mobile top-up, payment for services, etc.) ", answered Oschadbank.

At the same time, the bank clarified that card-to-card transfers and mobile top-ups are not cash withdrawal operations.

“According to the amendments to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the procedure for paying pensions through banking institutions (resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 11, 2020), if the pension amount is received using a payment card throughout the year and no debit transactions were carried out on such a card by the recipient personally, and the bank did not carry out identification, then the bank notifies the PFU for subsequent verification of the recipient’s identity,” the bank explained.

Previously, we wrote that pensioners who live in a part of Donbass not controlled by the legal authorities and receive Ukrainian pensions as internally displaced persons (IDPs) can pick up an Oschadbank card through a proxy.

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Peculiarities of pension formation for migrants from the ATO zone

The abbreviation ATO means anti-terrorist operation. The essence of the ATO is the implementation of measures to stop terrorism. This term originated on the territory of Ukraine.

To apply for a pension for citizens from the relevant zone, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact the social security authority to obtain a certificate to assign a new status. Certificates are issued from March 18, 2015. In addition to the social structure, certificates can be issued by officials who are involved in the placement of migrants; housing and communal services workers at the new address; authorized persons of township or village councils.
  2. Provide a copy and original of your passport , pension certificate, identification code (if available). In case of loss of a passport, a migrant may be issued a temporary certificate until the basic document is restored.
  3. Fill out an application, where you should register a bank account where pension contributions will be accrued in the future. The form must include the following information:
      Full name of the applicant;
  4. citizenship;
  5. Place of Birth;
  6. gender;
  7. basic information about the family;
  8. residential address;
  9. Date of Birth;
  10. reasons for moving;
  11. information about real estate located in a safe area;
  12. information about needs.
  13. Officially register at the new address .
  14. Register with the PFU (Pension Fund of Ukraine). Pension contributions are assigned from the next month after the above actions are completed.

It is important to know!
City surcharge for pensioners Latest news

Since the beginning of March 2021, migration service employees have been carrying out additional checks of the place of residence of migrants. If the citizen actually lives at the specified address, then a corresponding mark is placed on the back of the certificate. If the migrant does not live at the specified address, then within 10 days he must contact the migration service.

Payments will only be received by those citizens who actually moved to a peaceful settlement. To confirm this information, it is necessary to submit a certificate to the PFU, which will indicate the new real address of the migrant.

Pension for temporary migrants

In accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 595 dated November 7, 2014, temporary migrants have the right to receive a pension subject to the following procedure:

  1. Traveling outside the ATO zone.
  2. Registration with the migration service.
  3. Registration with the social service or the labor department.
  4. Based on the results of the actions performed, the citizen is issued an appropriate certificate. To obtain this document, the pensioner must independently (or through a representative) contact the social security authorities.

If the certificate is lost, a duplicate is issued based on a written application from the migrant!

Contacting the PFU with an application and basic documentation

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The application form should include information such as:

  • Applicant's full name, citizenship, gender, date and place of birth;
  • basic family information;
  • actual address;
  • contact phone number;
  • identification number (if available);
  • reasons for moving;
  • data on real estate located in a safe zone;
  • information from work;
  • indication of needs (if any).

As for basic documents, you need to take your passport and pension certificate with you. Based on the results of the actions taken, PFU employees are required to assign a pension within the month following the month of termination of payments at the previous address.

Ways to receive a pension:

  • mail;
  • bank card.

The certificate is valid for 6 months, therefore, after six months, payments to displaced persons will stop if the documentation is not renewed!

How the Pension Fund finds reasons to deprive migrants of pensions

The situation with the assignment and restoration of pensions to migrants from Donbass has reached a dead end due to legal conflicts between regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the decision of the Supreme Court in the Model Case on the illegality of inspections of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

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“We have an explanation from the Ministry of Social Policy, which says that there are no checks, but there must be a certificate of material and living conditions, otherwise without this act... It was necessary to remove both the checks and the certificate of material and living conditions. Now some people simply come to UTSZN, say that they exist and immediately draw up this act in the social protection department,” notes Odintsova.

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