Federal benefits for labor veterans in 2020: list, monetization

From what time can you use the benefits of a labor veteran?

Dear Nikolai Vasilievich, Uzhur!

Unfortunately, in your question you did NOT specify:

— what Veteran of Labor certificate was issued to you.

To be awarded the title “Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation” the following is required:

- reaching retirement age, for men - 60 years;

— presence of General work experience, for men — 40 years;

— presence of Labor awards of the USSR or Russia at the federal level.

You need to understand that there are TWO types of Labor Veterans:

— “Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation”;

— “Labor Veteran of the Subject of the Russian Federation”

for which various benefits and compensations are established that are valid in a certain territory.

But if you are a “Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation,” which must be confirmed by the appropriate Certificate of “Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation,” then in this case benefits and compensation are valid throughout the ENTIRE territory of the Russian Federation and you have the right to.

-MONETARY compensation for utilities;

-MONETARY compensation for travel on public transport;

— benefits when paying real estate taxes;

For “Labor Veterans of the Subject of the Russian Federation” the List of benefits and compensations is established by the Laws of the Subject of the Russian Federation.

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I am a labor veteran. I am 40 years old. When will my benefits entitled to me by law begin to take effect?


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What benefits should a federal labor veteran have by law?

Labor veteran of federal significance is an honorary title for a citizen who has worked for many years for the benefit of our homeland. This title was first established back in Soviet times, but before the adoption of a special federal law on veterans, it was only a means of moral encouragement, but did not provide any material privileges. Now the situation has changed, and after conferring the title, a labor veteran can count on a number of important benefits provided by law.

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This is important to know: Benefits and payments to federal labor veterans in 2020

What benefits does a military pensioner have?

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Federal and regional benefits for veterans

Veteran of Labor Certificate

The title of veteran is given at the federal or regional level, and the package of benefits provided changes accordingly. In the context of savings, many regions are curtailing assistance programs deserved by workers, but benefits at the federal level remain unchanged. In Russia, a veteran has the right to the following preferential opportunities:

  • Free travel on public transport: usually buses, trolleybuses, trams and commuter trains. However, at the local level, monetization of benefits is common: instead of the right to free travel, a veteran receives a cash subsidy, which he can spend at his own discretion.
  • Help with paying utility bills. the state pays half the amount. In practice, this benefit is also more often replaced by a cash subsidy, and it can only be given to persons whose income is below the subsistence level.
  • Providing leave at any time for working pensioners. This norm is observed in all government agencies; in private organizations, much is decided by the employer. However, more often than not, problems with getting vacation at a convenient time do not arise.
  • Free dentures. The state pays for their production and repair, while clinics have the right to offer an additional range of paid services at the discretion of the patient.
  • Free and more accessible health care. A veteran can get an appointment with specialists without waiting in line and has access to a wider range of services free of charge.

At the regional level, the local administration can establish its own range of additional benefits. First of all, this is a monetary subsidy: at the local level, an additional payment to the pension can be established. In addition, an additional subsidy may be issued to pay for housing and communal services.

For example, in St. Petersburg, the city pays 50% of the amount indicated in receipts for the apartment. Local authorities have the right to change the amount of assistance provided depending on the economic situation. The monetization of benefits has provoked much controversy. On the one hand, “real” money for carriers and utilities is much more convenient than always late subsidies.

However, many pensioners found the innovation both inconvenient and offensive. Now in most regions there is a choice: a pensioner can receive financial compensation for a benefit package, or still use the benefits in kind.

Social support measures for labor veterans in Moscow

Capital benefits intended for pensioners with labor veteran status include:

  • free travel on city public transport and commuter trains;
  • 50% discount on housing and communal services;
  • annual free sanatorium and resort vouchers for medical reasons;
  • reimbursement of travel costs to the place of treatment;
  • free provision of medications in accordance with Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated September 18, 2006 No. 655;
  • 50% discount on city telephone services;
  • free production, installation, repair of dentures;
  • an increase in pension taking into account annual indexation, provided that the insurance part of the benefit of an elderly beneficiary is lower than the regional minimum wage;
  • EDV for the monetization of benefits due to a labor veteran in case of refusal to receive them in kind.

Tax benefits for labor veterans

Labor veterans of federal significance are entitled to benefits

Benefits for veterans are given not only in the form of cash subsidies and partial compensation for the cost of services, but also in the form of reduced taxation. A whole list of preferential conditions for collecting taxes from working pensioners has been developed:

  1. Retired veterans do not pay property taxes. Most often this concerns property taxes. apartment, house or other object. All owners in Russia are required to pay this tax, and soon its amount may increase significantly, so benefits will be a very important tool of assistance.
  2. Pension and additional payments from the employer are not subject to taxes on the income of an individual, but their amount is limited to four thousand rubles per year.
  3. Additionally, regions can establish benefits for land and transport taxes. In many constituent entities of the Russian Federation, taxes are not levied on cars with a small engine capacity; specific tax rates are different in all constituent entities.

In addition, veterans can receive a tax deduction after a large purchase, and the balance of these deductions can be carried forward to previous tax years. Benefits will be available upon presentation of a veteran's ID; to receive a tax deduction, you must write a special application.

Details can be obtained from any local tax office. If for some reason a citizen is not provided with tax benefits, you can try to resolve the issue in court. Practice shows that courts most often accommodate veterans.

What benefits are available to pensioners - labor veterans in the Russian Federation?

Like additional cash social benefits, the provision of all other benefits to labor veterans of the Russian Federation in 2020 is linked by regional regulations to the employee reaching retirement age and his retirement. Let us consider what benefits pensioners are entitled to in various areas, using the example of the legislation of some constituent entities of the Russian Federation, taking into account the information we have summarized.

It is important to take into account that a citizen may lose his rights to benefits for labor veterans in a certain region if he changes his place of permanent residence (changes his place of registration).

In the field of transport and transportation

Most regional acts on social support for veterans, defining what benefits a labor veteran is entitled to, establish as basic the right to free travel on a particular type of transport or monetary compensation for such travel (partial).

To summarize, we can highlight the following principles (conditions) for providing this assistance:

  • We are talking about public transport, i.e. taxis are not included in this list. In addition, the list of benefits does not include some private carriers, although the latter have the right at the local level to establish various benefits for certain categories of citizens, including labor veterans.
  • Transport runs on city, suburban, and less often intraregional routes.
  • When granting the right to use transport free of charge, the veteran is most often given a travel ticket, which is personalized and can be used exclusively by the beneficiary himself. Thus, the veteran does not have the right to transfer the travel card to other persons, since if such persons present it, they will not have the right to free travel.

The procedure for exercising this right in each region is individual, but the trend shows that for the most popular urban transport (for example, tram, bus, trolleybus), retired veterans receive a personalized travel card, and tickets for buses and commuter trains are issued upon presentation of the ID at the ticket office.

As an example, we can cite the regional legislation of the Rostov region. A wide range of benefits for labor veterans in this area is provided by the Rostov Region Law “On Social Support for Labor Veterans” dated October 22, 2004 No. 175-ZS. Subp. 3 and 4 paragraphs 2 art. 1 of the specified regulatory document allows persons to use free of charge:

  • all types of urban passenger transport;
  • public transport on suburban and intra-district routes;
  • suburban rail transport;
  • suburban intermunicipal road transport;
  • intraregional road transport.

In addition, Rostov veterans have the right to use water transport with a 50% discount during the navigation period.

In the housing sector

No less important for veterans (in terms of the share of costs for utilities relative to the size of pensions) is the housing sector. What benefits a labor veteran enjoys in paying for housing, utilities, etc., depends primarily on the level of well-being of the region and the size of the revenue part of its budget.

In general, the following types of assistance can be identified:

  • payment for residential premises if it belongs to a person not by right of ownership, but under a social tenancy agreement;
  • Payment of utility services;
  • reimbursement of expenses for other types of services that are not public utilities (payment for solid fuel for stove heating, liquefied gas cylinders, landline telephone, etc.);
  • benefits on contributions to the fund for capital repairs of apartment buildings;
  • compensation for expenses for maintaining the common property of an apartment building, major repairs of apartment buildings.

As an example, we can cite the provisions of paragraph 4 of the resolution of the administration of the Kostroma region “On the procedure for implementing social support measures...” dated February 28, 2011 No. 53-a, which provides for the following types of compensation from the state:

  • compensation for housing costs;
  • assistance in paying utility bills;
  • compensation of expenses for the purchase of solid fuel for owners of houses with stove heating.

Compensation payments reach at least 50% of the total cost of services, which is a good help for labor veterans who have received benefits.


No less popular is the question of what benefits are provided for labor veterans in the field of medical care and healthcare in 2020. The answer in this case will also depend on the region in which such persons live.

Benefits may include:

  • providing a free right to use the services of those medical institutions that the veteran used before retirement;
  • reimbursement of expenses (partial or full) for dental prosthetics;
  • extraordinary provision of medical care under state guarantee programs for the provision of free medical care to citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • free provision of medical care in state or municipal medical organizations, etc.

For example, the Law of the Republic of Buryatia “On certain powers of state authorities of the Republic of Buryatia...” dated December 7, 2004 No. 899-III provides only the first and third of these benefits. Unfortunately, in many regions there is inequality in the number of government support measures for labor veterans.

Who is eligible for the title of labor veteran?

Work experience must be 40 and 35 years - for men and women, respectively

The rules for obtaining this title are described in detail in Art. 7 of the Law “On Veterans”. It states that it is assigned to the following categories of citizens:

  • Persons who began working as a minor during the war years. In this case, the work experience for men must be at least 40 years, and for women it must be at least 35 years.
  • Persons holding honorary labor titles of the USSR, as well as those who were awarded a medal or order for labor merit. At the same time, they must have working experience sufficient to receive a long-service pension.
  • Persons awarded departmental badges for labor merits. It is important to remember that each award, be it an order or medal, must be accompanied by a certificate confirming that the veteran is indeed the owner of this award. The absence of a certificate may be grounds for refusal to obtain a title and provide benefits.

In addition, not all insignia qualify for a veteran's rank. For example, the “Shock Worker of Socialist/Communist Labor” medal causes a lot of controversy: in most cases, the recipients are denied the title of veteran.

However, there have been cases when people went to court and won the case: most often, the courts take the side of people who have worked for many years and deserve the benefits provided by law.

Monetization of benefits

Federal benefits for workers can be monetized, but this privilege is not given to all veterans, but only to federal ones, such as Heroes of Socialist Labor, Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation, holders of the Order of Labor Glory (full list of categories on the official website of the Pension Fund). The cash equivalent provides an addition to the pension content and is paid within the same period as the pension. Cash compensation applies to transportation expenses, purchase of medicines and payment for a sanatorium voucher .

The amount of monetized payments for workers receiving benefits in 2019, taking into account indexation, is 1075 rubles. 19 kopecks From this total amount, the amounts are divided as follows:

Type of EDV Amount, rub.
Purchasing medicines 828,14
Directions 1118,94
Spa treatment 128,11

The assignment of such subsidies is of a declarative nature. This means that the pensioner himself applies to the territorial office of the Pension Fund with a passport and documents for the benefit (about the availability of the title) and an application for registration of such material additional payments to the pension content. A regional veteran applies to social security. If a citizen’s pension is below the subsistence level determined for the region of residence, a social supplement to pension maintenance is also due.

The procedure for obtaining the title “Veteran of Labor”

Veteran of Labor of federal significance - honorary title

To obtain a veteran's title, a citizen must write an application and submit it to the local social security authorities. This application is accompanied by a passport, as well as documents confirming the presence of the necessary work experience and awards giving the right to a veteran title.

If a relative applies for the veteran himself, then it is necessary to draw up a power of attorney in the prescribed manner and attach to it the passport of the authorized person. If difficulties arise in filling out the application, social security employees must provide all the necessary information upon request. The procedure for obtaining a title with recognition of benefits is as follows:

  1. A person submits an application with a package of documents to the social security authorities, it must be registered.
  2. A special commission is formed to consider the submitted application. She will check the data specified in the application and determine whether the citizen has the right to be awarded the honorary title “Veteran of Labor”. The application review process cannot exceed 30 days from the date of its registration.
  3. A positive or negative decision is made, and within 5 days the citizen must receive an official notification about this. The entire process should not exceed 35 days; usually the issue is resolved even faster. If the decision was positive, an administrative act is drawn up, and after that the citizen will be able to receive a certificate within the prescribed period.

In the future, all benefits, social payments and allowances will be provided to the citizen upon presentation of this certificate.

It is a document of strict accountability, and its issuance is controlled by supervisory authorities. If for some reason it is lost or damaged, you must contact the social security authorities to obtain a duplicate. In this case, the previous copy will be considered invalid.

Labor veteran is a special title that confirms many years of conscientious work of a person and his contribution to the prosperity of the country. In the Soviet Union, the medal began to be issued to veterans in 1974, and to this day it continues to be considered an important honorary award. However, now, in addition to moral encouragement, it gives the right to significant material benefits. and it will allow the citizen to take advantage of many opportunities that are not available to ordinary pensioners.

What benefits are available to labor veterans can be found in the video:

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How to get a Veteran of Labor for a pensioner?

To become a Veteran of Labor, a pensioner must submit an application to a special commission created in social security. After receiving the necessary papers, specialists make a decision in accordance with current legislation within 30 days and inform him about it after 5 days.

If the commission makes a positive decision, then the pensioner is awarded a Veteran of Labor certificate and assigned the appropriate status. Having received this document and title, the veteran has the right to apply for benefits. To do this, he also needs to fill out an application to receive them and submit it to social security at his place of residence.

When can I use Veteran of Labor benefits?

The title “Veteran of Labor”, as it turned out, is not so easy to obtain. This requires, for example, awards (certificates) from the relevant (or other) ministry, or the President personally. This title is issued at the social protection department at the place of residence.

This is important to know: Monthly cash payment to federal labor veterans in 2020

Yes, you can receive the title “Veteran of Labor” long before retirement. But it will not work until the person reaches retirement age. It is the retirement of old age that gives the right to use the benefits of a veteran of labor. And this age currently remains for women 55 years old, for men - sixty years old.

If a person of a certain profession retires early before the established age, then veteran benefits will not apply until the true retirement age comes.

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As it turns out, many of us have benefits, but another thing is that sometimes it’s not so easy to take advantage of them. I myself have encountered such problems more than once.

A benefit such as “Veteran of Labor2” can be used after you retire; before that, such benefits do not work and are not valid.

Moreover, you need to go to the Security Council and write a statement, and you need to bring to it photocopies of other documents that would confirm the existence of such a benefit. And only when everything is officially formalized will you be entitled to all the benefits.

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You can use the benefits that Veterans of Labor are entitled to in retirement. However, many (and indeed many, all) subjects of the Russian Federation tie the time of using benefits to the receipt of the basic old-age pension.

Are there any benefits for a labor veteran, but not a pensioner, thanks in advance.

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