How to find out how many SIM cards are registered per subscriber

One day I received a letter that I had accumulated a considerable debt on my mobile phone number. The passport details in the letter matched, but I never had such a number. It turned out that the scammers used my passport information to obtain a SIM card. Having learned about such fraud, I became interested in how to find out which phone numbers are registered to me. Maybe there are other SIM cards that I don’t know about. Now I will tell you everything in detail.

Why are such cases dangerous?

All telephone numbers must be registered by the operator for a specific subscriber. When a number is registered, the passport data of a specific person is used. Often our numbers are registered to husbands, parents or wives, which is quite normal and does not pose any threats.

It’s another matter when the number is issued in your name by scammers.

  1. They bring the phone bill to a debt, which the operator subsequently demands from the owner, i.e. from you.
  2. Also, unscrupulous people can register an account for this number or open an account in any service. If suddenly this account arouses suspicion on the part of law enforcement officers, then you will also have to answer according to the law. It is not difficult for law enforcement agencies to find out your information by phone number.

In addition, when registering a phone number, your passport data is used, which means scammers have access to it. One can only guess what other actions they will take with such information. After all, they can get a loan or microloan. Which will also lead to unpleasant consequences.

Ways to find out numbers

Often, citizens learn that there is a telephone number from operators when they receive a letter notifying them of the debt they have accumulated on their telephone bill, which must be repaid within a specific time frame. Sometimes the message is sent by the operator to other numbers of the subscriber who has a problem account.

But there is no need to wait for an unpleasant notification to arrive. If you suspect that a mobile number is registered in your name, you can independently check how many SIM cards are registered in your name. But this process is fraught with some difficulties.

The reason for the difficulties is the lack of a single database, by logging into which one could get a complete picture of the numbers registered on the passport of a particular subscriber. Therefore, to check, you need to contact a specific mobile operator.

Some network giants like MTS or Megafon offer their subscribers to obtain similar information on the mobile company’s website. But if you have already received a notice of debt, then you need to contact the operator and inform them that this number was registered without your knowledge. To do this, it is better to personally contact the company’s office and write an application.

How to find out at MTS

MTS has provided subscribers with the opportunity to receive information on issued numbers. In practice, situations often arise when a SIM card is issued using passport details, which the subscriber did not connect. To check whether there are such illegal contacts in MTS, you can use different options:

  1. Through your MTS personal account. You just need to log into the subscriber's account by entering the required data. The main menu will contain all the information by number. In the top panel you need to tap on settings, and then on the item on the right “my numbers”. A window will open with contacts and contracts issued in the name of this subscriber.
  2. You can also obtain information on issued numbers directly at the provider’s communication salon. Be sure to take your passport with you. The salon employee can dictate the information to you or print it out on paper. If at the same time numbers unknown to you are discovered, then you can write a statement here stating that you did not connect them, then they will be blocked.
  3. Through technical support. You need to dial the combination 0890. Technical assistance is available 24/7. The operator needs to dictate the passport data, which he will use to check the executed contracts.

If you find a wrong number that you have nothing to do with, then you need to immediately contact the MTS office. There you need to draw up a statement in the established form and terminate the contract. If there is money on the number, transfer it to your phone, and then block the SIM card.

We break through Megafon

To keep the situation with left numbers on Megafon under control, you need to periodically check their availability. And also be more attentive to personal information. Megafon also has several ways to check such information.

  1. Technical support. Megafon has a well-functioning communication system with subscribers; technical service is always available to customers by calling 0500. You need to wait for a specialist’s response and ask him for the information of interest. You need to prepare your passport in advance, since you will need its data to verify your identity. The operator will check the information and tell you how many numbers are registered in your name. Such a call is not charged, therefore it is free for the subscriber.
  2. Personal visit to the salon. You need to take your passport with you to confirm your identity. The manager will search the database and provide the information of interest. This service is provided free of charge.

If you find fraudulent numbers that were definitely not registered by you, then you need to block them, and funds from your balance can be safely transferred to your phone. You just need to write a request for a refund and SIM card blocking.

Information in Beeline

To find out the presence of illegally registered numbers on Beeline, you can use this method. You need to go to the provider's office with your passport. There you should state your problem to the salon manager. The specialist will check your passport data with the database and provide information on how many numbers are registered in your name, whether there are any debts on them, etc.

This service, like other cellular companies, is provided free of charge, without any restrictions. If you have any additional questions, you can resolve them with technical support specialists by calling 0611.

Ways to find out a phone number by the subscriber's last name

The use of directories is a current technique for finding out a phone number by your last name. They use directories, data results on the Internet or Ministry of Internal Affairs databases, social networks, where you can see other information about a person, for example, date of birth, education, etc. All these options give a positive result when searching for a specific subscriber, but the data is not always reliable. This is due to the rapid change in contacts, when one number is replaced by another simply on a whim, and not for a good reason. It is difficult to obtain information about those who are deliberately hiding from search or do not want publicity due to a number of reasons.

In addition to the Internet, you can use the search through acquaintances or friends of your wanted person. They can help out, give you the real contact you need. This method may turn out to be the most effective, completely legal, simple and effective. Its advantages include simplicity and efficiency, because it is easier to find through familiar people than sitting at the computer and looking for a suitable option. In addition to the number, it is easy to find out the subscriber’s address, then all the information will be complete and necessary for certain actions.

Through the home phone directory

Directories and address books were popular in a time before mobile phones. Then it was easy to figure out how to find out your home phone number by last name. The owner had a registration address, and each apartment had a landline telephone number, the number of which was included in the pages of the directory. Finding the right person was extremely simple, the information was not classified, there was free access to absolutely every citizen, except officials. But it was also possible to find them with a little effort and connections.

Modern city apartments still have city subscriber numbers, so this search option remains relevant. The directories have been converted into electronic versions with easy navigation; they provide information by name in alphabetical order, with the ability to search by entering existing information. You can only find your home number using this method. For mobile phones, you will have to look for other options, inconvenient, difficult, costing a lot of money, requiring time and searching for connections.

Download telephone number database

There are popular sites on the Internet that appear due to requests for how to find out a phone number by your last name. All of them provide links to special databases created by cellular operators, for example MTS. Such databases are illegal due to the fact that companies do not have the right to post them for free viewing. This is always stolen information or copied from an unknown source. Therefore, it can be difficult to trust it due to the reason that information quickly becomes outdated.

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Databases with numbers and names of subscribers may be paid, then you will have to spend money on them. There are free versions, when someone shares their generosity and puts information in the public domain, for example, on torrents. You can try any version, but if you need to calculate a person once, then it is better to use the free version. To constantly use the databases, you will have to buy updates with additions.

This type of phone number search can be effective if the database is fresh. To do this, you need to enter the details of the person you are looking for along with your middle name, and the system will select all the available information and help you determine the result. Her data may or may not be valid due to a change or blocking of the number. Situations also arise when the SIM card of the subscriber you need is registered under the passport of another, for example, one of the parents. Then the result will be unsatisfactory.

Through Internet search engines

Internet search engines that use data from social networks are considered a good solution if you need to find out a phone number by last name. When going through the registration procedure, users indicate existing contacts for their friends. The data is quickly picked up by the search robot and then displayed when requested. This method via a computer is effective for young people who constantly use social networks.

It is possible to discover a person simply by searching for people on a social network page. Knowing the data, approximate appearance, city (for example, Moscow, Minsk, etc.), people achieve excellent success. If the information is hidden, then it is possible to write to friends from the list, asking for contact information. Or you can immediately write a personal message to the subscriber, asking him to contact you. Knowing the Skype of the wanted person, it is easy to search for his contacts on the pages of this service - a mobile phone is required for registration, which leads to excellent results.

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to find a person by phone number today is to use a ready-made service for finding a person by phone number.

Through law enforcement

When your identity is lost, and the reasons for this are important, for example, debts or crimes, you can contact the police, where law enforcement officers will help you. They have their own databases. Thanks to the latest updates, the police will find the right person without delay. To access the Ministry of Internal Affairs database, you need a compelling reason for the search, a statement of accusations against the wanted person. Otherwise you will be wasting your time.

Security measures

If contacts are found that you did not register, this indicates that your passport data has been leaked into the hands of attackers. Quite often in practice there are situations when contracts are filled out in the names of others.

Subscribers of the large MTS concern who registered numbers in Crimea faced a similar problem. There are no official offices there, so SIM cards were distributed through intermediaries. When their sale first started, there was a rush, so unscrupulous sellers issued several SIM cards for one passport.

To avoid trouble from such attackers, you should take care to comply with security rules and the safety of personal data. Never give your passport or its photocopies to third parties. If there are SIM cards that have not been used for a long time, then they should be blocked and not kept. Then you won’t have to deal with unexpected debts and penalties for late tariff payments.

How to cheaply find out a mobile phone number using passport data

To find a room quickly and inexpensively, use the services of our website. We have been working in the field of information services for more than 10 years, so we have a valuable store of professional knowledge and the necessary experience. Among the site's clients are individuals, legal entities and even well-known detective agencies. Most of them have become regular customers and regularly use our help.

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We guarantee each client:

  • complete confidentiality;
  • affordable prices;
  • discounts for repeat orders;
  • efficiency of information retrieval;
  • several ways to pay for services;
  • free consultation;
  • quality of service.

Order the service via the feedback form. Tell our employee the person’s passport details, mark the points you want to know. You will be told the cost of the work and the deadline for delivering the results. You can be sure of the accuracy of the information. Its search is carried out by employees of cellular operators who have access to updated databases.

We work with the databases of any Russian operators: Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, Rostelecom, Yota.

MOBAZ - Automatic service: Enter your mobile phone number. Find out whose number. Find out the address of the SIM card owner. . The automatic MOBAZ service is designed to retrieve information from a database of registered SIM cards, bypassing cellular operators. You are provided with passport data about the owner of the SIM card, namely: FIRST NAME, SURNAME, PATRONICAL NAME, AGE, REGISTRATION ADDRESS, PASSPORT SERIES AND NUMBER, ISSUED BY WHOM AND WHEN online. The service receives information from a constantly updated online database of mobile operators such as: MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, Kyivstar, Kcell, Velcom. How to use the service

  1. In the special line for entering a number, enter the number of the subscriber you need and click the “get data” button.
  2. The service connects to the database. Select or “passport data”.


To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, you need to take care of your passport data, do not pass it on to strangers and do not enter it on dubious sites. To make sure that illegal SIM cards are not issued in your name, you can check this information in one of the following ways:

  • call the provider’s technical support, explain the problem to the manager and wait for a specialist’s response;
  • personally come to the operator’s office with your passport, ask a salon employee with your question and receive the necessary information for free;
  • Some providers provide the opportunity to obtain such information offsite, through the subscriber’s account.

You can get information on your numbers at any cell phone store by presenting your ID. This will help to detect fraudulent contacts registered to the subscriber illegally.

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